24 April 2017

On all that is good

Blessings, O Lord. I am showered with blessings.

The issue in us revolves around how we too often think only about ourselves, and don't think about Jesus. If we thought about Jesus more, we would think of others more. And if we do think of Jesus, it can be elusive and departed, rather than a close personal relationship. Our mind wanders from the One who endured all the punishment we all actually deserve.

We aren't worth all that attention, but God thinks we are worth it. How amazing is that?

We don't even fully understand the love that we are graced with. How can we properly give thanks? I feel so inadequate every time I think through that. When my mind and heart dwells here for awhile, and all is quiet, I wonder how my tiny self can express thanksgiving to the extent I wish to.

My thankful prayers get lifted up, and I'd like to think that angels lift them even higher, because my words are so inadequate. Do the angels lift my prayers higher than I can reach? Do songs of the angelic choir ring out as the meager words of a small soul on earth in this speck of a moment in time?

I am the smallest of small, and yet God notices me, and still pays attention. How can I then not pay attention to Him? I cannot see Him, or look upon His glory, but I can see Him through things of this world. He created all that is good, so in creation I can see glimpses of God's heart being shown through other people, generous acts, loving kindness, and unstinting forgiveness. I can see His imagination when I look at the beautiful places of this world, from mountains and oceans, to flowers and ancient ruins. Here I can always dwell on all that is good.

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