26 April 2016

Beauty of the Day

Maybe one day we will notice the beauty all around us in the small things of the everyday.

The softness of the morning light is my favourite and most inspiring time of day. I see the streams of light rising and the poetical thoughts descend onto pages as my fingers grasp my pen. 

I cannot help but look at the morning light and feel the words forming in my mind. Letters shape into words that try to capture the moment. A photo can capture a small frame of a scene, but how can you show a reader with words the scene so that they can place themselves into that room and see the softly lit rose bloom being gently awakened by an array of scattered rays?

As I reflect on these notions, something bigger comes into focus. God usually does that when we stop to think about what we are seeing.

I am being nudged to notice the beauty of being content with the momentary season, whatever it may be. In order to shape and grow, we must be molded, and that sometimes involves sharpening and shaping. To be cast into the person God wants us to be is to be stretched toward what we are not yet. 

We are being shaped into a larger mold that we don't quite fit yet, and it is a lovely thing to grow into that which God places before us. We don't always have the same vision in our sight, but God sees what we can be, and He wants to use the season you are in right now to grow your character so your soul extends outward the love of God.

In that day the deaf shall hear
the words of a book,
and out of their gloom and darkness
the eyes of the blind shall see.
 - Isaiah 29.18

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