26 June 2013

Laurel Oak

Good we must love, and must hate ill,
For ill is ill, and good good still...

If they were good it would be seene,
Good is as visible as greene.

-John Donne

The moss sways on the branches of the huge Laurel Oak outside my place. With so much greenery around this neighborhood, there is plenty of shade, which I like, of course (pale redhead that I am!). There are also gorgeous rays of light that come in through my windows. I like that too.

There is also a sense of history here. Huge trees do not sprout up overnight. Neither do the best things in life. They are worth waiting for.
My admiration for this place grows. To be at home in a neighborhood is comforting. Giving me a sense of place. Talking to one neighbor. Waving hello to another. Fixing a cup of tea and sitting by the window, gazing at the fading light as the sun sets.

I praise God for such a place as this. To be so blessed to have found this home through my friend Emily is such evidence of God's hands working all the pieces into place, which means I need to continue to trust in all the things that I still desire.

So as I stretch out on my sofa and gaze out to the Laurel Oak I think about how truly satisfied I am with where God has placed me at the moment. He provided the job and the place to live, all without my lifting a finger. Truthfully, the job and the home found me. Which is further proof of God's will just being revealed according to plan.

Waste not.
For I never want to miss any of the delights of this moment.
There is so much to be thankful for.

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