31 October 2015

Halloween Greetings

This morning I woke up to the most appropriate Halloween situation. Before the sun rose, a glow was coming in on my pillow. Strange, I thought, the back light of my landlord's house doesn't usually shine in here. My gaze went up, through my curtains, and up to the sky, where a full moon was hanging there, like a lamp, right outside my window. The only light it cast was onto my pillow, so it seemed. I awoke to moonlight.

Also, an owl was nearby. He hooted a soft, gentle call for about fifteen minutes as I slowly woke up before dawn, but stayed cosy in my bed. I listened for the owl and imagined him to be sitting nearby on a tree limb, taking in some observations. He would sit on a branch, hidden, as he contemplated a nap after being awake all night. Before the sun rose, he hooted his good morning. He then took off his glasses, tucked his book away, and found a cosy spot to sleep.

I hope your day has some fun Halloween notes. Nothing too ghoulish, but maybe a little spooky.

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