03 November 2016

Morning Musings

I sit in the solemn quiet of the morning. My heart feel a bit restless; my mind wanders off and I have to bring myself back to focus on dwelling here, in this present moment. Even first thing in the morning I can wander (even before my coffee- gasp!). The pre-dawn grey begins to cast light, entering slowly into my home through sheer, white curtains. The air is still and mild. My coffee is cooling, and I take little sips.

I am using the first pages of a new journal; one that is so lovely, with rough edges around the pages and soft leather covers. With delight running through my veins (or maybe it's the coffee now) I unbind the leather cord and open the cover. The fresh sound of new binding and the smooth pages excites me as a writer (to fill these pages with words of stories, truth, observations, and wisdom -oh what joy!) and as one who appreciates the aesthetic beauty of something like a well made journal. 

I feel as if I might be writing in an ancient book, with pages already worn. I am just a piece of the bigger story already going on, and these pages will be part of that history. The words shall be imprinted in this book, by my hand, and the book shall keep alive all these thoughts that enter in.

Starting a new journal always inspires me to write more, and this time it is even more forceful of an inspiration. I have a particularly strong penchant for old looking, weather worn, imperfect journals. Books that could be mistaken for a great great grandparent's journal.

There is an element in me that clings lovingly to the notion that our stories continue on and on, and there is always so much to learn and muse upon. The journal is where much of the musing happens, of course. We are never quite done. Our pages keep turning, and there are more. As people who aim at bigger and better things, we should keep journals to record those fluttering ideas and thoughts that meander around our heads all day and all night. It is within these records (whether written by hand or typed on a device) that truth can be discovered, truth can be told, wisdom can be gained, and memories can be savored. Not to be forgotten in the mist.

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