01 November 2016

Fall Festival

This weekend was my church's fall festival, which got me out into the country life, and I enjoyed it so much. I went with my brother, sister-in-law, niece, and their niece. The weather was warm, it reached the mid-80s, but the humidity was very low, so it was actually pleasant outside! Especially under the huge canopy of trees that spanned the estate. A big, 3-storey home was on site, with wraparound porches on each level. There were horses, a few ponies, cows, a big barn with tables set up for lunch and walls adorned with treasures from auctions. We took a hay ride around the property. The girls played little games, drew faces on small pumpkins, and squealed with delight riding on horse swings.

I loved the shaded walks, the pieces of history scattered about, the horses grazing happily, some good bbq lunch, time with family, and talking with our lead pastor and his wife for awhile at the lunch table. 

The breeze was just right. I wanted to wander and take a hundred photos, but I restrained myself, and just enjoyed the fresh air on some country land. I've been craving some real nature and country time, and this helped give me a little taste of some outside-the-city life.

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