31 October 2016

Halloween Greetings

Fair is the world, now
autumn's wearing....

 - William Morris

It is all about the pumpkins and candy today. All the autumn delights come forth as decorations of the spooky kind and costumes so silly emerge. After this sugar-driven day, autumn will take over fully leading up to the feast of Thanksgiving. We eat our sugar first, though, and ask strangers to give us such treats.

Pumpkins are not just pumpkins.These burnt orange globular gourds stir within us the desire for autumn air, chilly evenings, leaves crunching underfoot, plaid scarves emerging from closets and showing up around necks, fresh-baked cookies or pumpkin pie, gatherings of friends and family, wearing boots, lighting candles on a nightly basis, and snuggling up with a good book in the company of a soft blanket.

Candy is not just candy. These individually wrapped treats tucked inside candy dishes and pumpkin pails bring us back to childhood when it was the one night when eating an abundance of sweets was "acceptable" behavior regarded by the parental figures. Even though I desired to eat all the sweets, I always hesitated to eat more than a couple of pieces of candy, as it went against my grain to suddenly loose all inhibitions just because I was dressed up as a witch (really, just a black cape and pointy hat). I wasn't one of those "all in" kinds of kids, who had elaborate costumes and/or ate all the candy in sight. I was hoping I would get some good chocolate, and spread out my treats for the next week or so. Funny, that's what I still do.

Wishing you a fun filled Halloween!

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