17 October 2016

Study of Light

Light cast into my kitchen.  White and pure. Freshly lit by daily light. Luminous in my sight, my windows allow the beauty to shine through. I do not wish to block it out. Let the light in. Let the quiet moments of each day be treasured.

Sunset over a parking lot. It goes unnoticed by most people who walk along the asphalt, but I look up immediately, and feel a sudden calm. How can you not look up at this colour-splashed painting of a sky? No matter what I feel at that moment, the reminder of God's good creation projects into my heart with just a momentary glimpse. The power of His light and love is immense like the sky. 

Early evening nursery stop to gather new plants. A cart filled with beauty of the earth. The delights of adding a welcoming, colourful assortment at my doorstep. If I had more space I would add even more dimension. Dreams of that come in colour, and radiate at the thought. 

Light at my kitchen table. The opening pages of a new book I have never read before. The light becomes softer the longer I read, fading quietly as the nighttime covers the landscapes. Lingering in the light, I dwell here as long as possible, before I run out of daylight. Then, I light candles.

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