28 October 2016


If you are a hobbit, you know what Elevenses is. It is the meal between second breakfast and luncheon. It usually involves tea or coffee and a biscuit or some kind of tea cake. In my case, I selected a cinnamon crumb cake. It is a lovely time to stop and enjoy a little break, which might be troublesome if you are on a long journey to destroy the one ring.

I take my elevenses on weekends, if I am able, but for me it is between breakfast and lunch. I do not have quite as many meals as the hobbits. Thankfully, I don't have to go on a long journey into Mordor, either, so I can take a short hiatus from the weekend activity for a tea break.

To prepare for elevenses, I recommend heating some fresh water to a boil in your kettle, and using a favourite teapot to steep some Yorkshire English breakfast tea (always pour the hot water over the teabag in the teapot). Set the table with a lovely tea cup and small plate. Do not be afraid to use your best china. My little blue and white plate is a favourite (I found it in Oxford earlier this year at a thrift store), from the Churchill Willow collection (made in England, of course). Grab a good book (my selection was C.S. Lewis' Studies In Words), and enjoy the delightfully slow moments of elevenses. A perfect pause in the day.

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