12 October 2016

Work Matters

At one of our office meetings, I proposed something to my fellow colleagues. I suggested we start an office book club! I was very excited to hear their concurring yes to my proposal, and I thereby presented my prepared book options for us to vote on our choice for the first book we would all read together. The first book we just finished reading is Work Matters, by Tom Nelson. 

We split the book in half, and discussed the first half of the book a few weeks ago, and discussed the second half earlier this week. It has been such a joy to incorporate something I love so much (reading!) into our office, something that we can all share and discuss together, diving into thoughts, spiritual matters, and responses to questions.

I made a lot of notes in my journal as I read through the book, and I copied a few of them here; just a few nuggets to give you something to think about.

Notes on why work matters:

The only Christian work is good work well done. - Dorthy Sayers

Shift of thought: My vocation is to improve the world around me. My sphere of influence.

Our ordinary work can be brimming with God-honouring importance and done for the glory of God.

Jesus's humble service in the workplace lead to His servant hood in the Upper Room, which lead to His rising in glory.

Because New Creation has begun already (with Jesus rising from the grave), everything we do matters, and has eternal significance. That includes everything we do at work. It will one day be perfected.

Our goals at work should be:
  - Care for God's world
  - Contribute to the needs of others
  - Foster the common good

Remember that each of us is a masterpiece of God's creation. To paraphrase what C.S. Lewis wrote - we have never met an ordinary person, we never talk to a mere mortal. Our neighbor is holy.

Our vocational call should be recognized as a:
- gift that is able to be observed by others around you
- gift that is specific to you as an individual
- reminder that God empowers the gift for a specific work that needs to be done.

The book of Daniel reminds us that at times we are put into difficult situations, where we need to be smart and present a win-win situation that does not cause you to act defiantly, but allows you to stick to your ethics and beliefs. When we are unfairly treated by anyone, be encouraged to remain morally and ethically untarnished, so there there is no dirt to find and be thrown at you.

Keep your heart with all vigilance, for from it flows the springs of life. 
- Psalm 4.23

Be content, not complacent.
- To find a place of contentment with God's plans enriches our daily lives, helps us with creativity, teamwork, productivity, being fully and faithfully present, while remaining teachable.

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