10 October 2016

Autumn Assembly

Friday was a hurricane day. We were expecting to get inundated with rain and tropical storm force winds from Hurricane Matthew. The grocery stores were packed with people buying water bottles, bread, and other non-perishables. Everyone was closed in expectation of the hurricane, including our office. However, it was almost a non-event for us here. I know the coast got a lot of weather, but we (here in the center of the state) had some gusty winds, and very little rain. I was not mad about it, as that meant I could still have everyone from my office over for dinner, as planned. 

It started with a proposal (a written invitation) for the first Autumn Assembly at my home. Everyone accepted said invitation. Then, I selected three menu options for the main course, and like our office does for all fun decisions, we voted on what we wanted using poker chips. Tacos won by a huge majority, which didn't surprise me. We are a Mexican-food-loving bunch.

There is something in me that loves to welcome others into my tiny home. I always have felt this way as long as I've had my own apartment. I wish for them to feel cosy and comfortable. A place where deep conversation can linger and wisdom can be learned from each other. A place where rounds of laughter can burst out. I love to serve a pot of delicious tea, which is a ritual that opens up more conversation as we pour more tea into each teacup. Where a fun game can be played (Farkle, on this particular evening) where we can laugh and test our hand at the luck of rolling dice. I want to show through small details and attention to each person, they are special and I want to hear their thoughts and share in life.

I value the art of gathering with a deep sense of appreciation. God gave us the need for a sense of community with each other that needs to be nourished every so often. To keep each other encouraged as we go through seasons. In my small way, this is how I foster that.

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