14 October 2016

Wisdom for the Weekend

For God created us for incorruption,
and made us in the image of
His own eternity,
but through the devil's envy death
entered the world,
and those who belong to his company
experience it.

- Wisdom of Solomon 2.23-24

We are made for long-term views and relationships, not just a short-term, easy lane that takes no effort. A lasting, deep relationship is what God seeks in us. The soulful longing within each of our hearts is answered by God's love and grace. Looking on a long-term scale provides hope for all of us and a reason never to linger in despair. It is a movement forward with God, not a state of being that sits, stagnant and complacent. 

If we aren't in a deep relationship with our Creator, we are at risk of belonging to the devil's company, and the path in that direction is all too easy. It is the way of pride presented in loose tongues, loose morals, greed, and envy. All those sinful acts and feelings that surround us so much. 

Thankfully, our hope does not lie in us. We would mess it up too easily, of course, but our Creator is merciful and loving, and made us to be uncorrupted and full of His goodness. The only reason we can be uncorrupted is because of the sacrifice of Jesus who took our place in punishment. In a lecture I listened to the other evening, the speaker made a comment about (I am paraphrasing) how Jesus is the only one who knew what it felt like to be neglected/forsaken by God. In His perfect state, He felt the blow of God the Father allowing His death on the cross to take place. And yet He knew, and trusted in the plan.

I am reminded of a favourite author/preacher's wise words -

Take comfort, afflicted Christian!
When God is about to make pre-eminent
use of a person, He puts them in the fire.

- George MacDonald

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