21 October 2016

Little Dwelling

Here is where I dwell. A small corner of a historic neighborhood, down an alley, in a tiny tree house home. In this small space I add a few touches of autumn with pumpkins in a variety of colours. Cosy places to sit are in each room. I don't have big, spacious rooms, but I aim at creating a cosiness that is so welcoming, you forget how small the dwelling is.

I am so thankful for the small place that I get to call home. It has been the first home of my own that I have felt the most at home. It is small, to be sure, but I do love to create a space that is comfortable and that provokes inspiration, conversation, imagination, and relaxation. When you come over, I hope you feel this, and I hope you enjoy the pot of tea I make.

On these slightly cooler mornings (our version of autumn) I have the a/c turned off, and I admire the quiet, peaceful environment that is my home. I can hear birds chirp down the alley. I can hear the distant echo of some cars on a main road sometimes. The trees are very still. The sky is slowly brightening as the sun wakes up. No rain on the horizon, and cooler temperatures for the next few days thrills me.

My home is about sixty-six years old and has charm as well as quirks. I love living in a place that has history. Sliding my sock adorned feet on the original pine floors sets my mind wondering about who lived here in the 1950s, the 1960s, etc... The little details are what I love, in my little dwelling.

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