03 October 2016

Greetings, October

I sit in the quiet early evening hour betwixt the radiant daylight and the rising moon. Shadows begin to form as the sun glances sideways and heads down the sky. A new month is upon us. One that will engage us even more than the last month. We are part of something much larger than ourselves, and evidence of that emerges with the changing of seasons, months, and things in life.

Do we look upon the changes as exhilarating? Or are we weighed down by it?

We should feel the 
exhilaration rise in our imaginations, feeding off the elemental graces, embracing the visual and poetical, with Christ always at the center.

I think in wonder as I gaze out my window, at the trees and their wavering leaves. A gust of wind comes through and a whole rain shower of leaves flutter down and scatter along the ground. Leaves fall and bud according to each season, as they know inwardly, instinctively how their time comes to shed and become bare, or blossom and grow. It is not a hindrance for them to grow accustomed to changes. We have a much harder time with that.

The harbinger of autumn is the arrival of pumpkins. Suddenly, they show up in grocery stores, on doorsteps, and in grassy makeshift pumpkin patches. They are the signal of an approaching change. A change I yearn for all summer long. I look forward with hope, toward the good that is to come.

To borrow a favourite phrase from George MacDonald - A great good is coming, is coming....

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