30 September 2016

The In-Between Season

Whispers of a good dream....

The breeze catches on the limbs of trees. Passing above, the air that settles through the leaves are a few degrees cooler, which means my heart swells with gladness when a softer feel in the air is finally present. 

I recall when I was little, going to school in this, the in-between season when it wasn't quite autumn yet, but all the decorations and autumn foods arrived. I wondered whether or not I could wear a sweater, and I longed to, but a sweater wasn't always needed. When playing outside, I would notice the subtle shift in the air; a coolness would linger from overnight and into the morning, and begin again as the sun would sink down the vibrant blue sky. If the morning had even a slight chill, I would want to pull out a sweater because it was something different from the last six months. Something I missed from my favourite time of year.

A hopeful feeling emerged inside, that the season was about to turn. Just be patient, I would tell myself, and a few weeks from now it will feel like autumn and the morning air will be chilled. This deep longing had been waiting so patiently for many months for the change we come to expect each year around this time. And when it would come, as it always does, my soul smiles.

What God created was good, and there are many glimpses of the original goodness un-corrupted that we get to see as seasons change. Nature is at work, in its knowing way, pointing towards our Creator.

Rejoice in the Lord your God, for He has given you the autumn rains in righteousness.
- Joel 2.23

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