28 September 2016

A Disney Day

When you live 45 minutes away from Disney World, you are going to end up going every now and then. It just happens, somehow. Even when you don't try to go. And when you have a kind brother and sister-in-law who get two free park-hopper tickets and want to invite you and your mum, you go. Even when it is still 90 degrees outside.

I was really thankful to go over the weekend, and we all had a great time. Since I was going with a few Disney experts, they knew all the tricks and ways to get us cups of free ice water and get all the fast passes for any ride we went on. I just cannot fathom waiting in long queues for rides that I have been on at least ten times over the years. It is much more fun to just walk onto a ride. 

We started the day at the Magic Kingdom, riding several rides and eating lunch before taking the monorail over to Epcot, where we spent most of the time around the Food & Wine Festival in the countries around the world. My favourite was the giant pretzel in Germany, and the strawberry oolong tea slush in China, which are just regular items and not even part of the Food & Wine! Don't worry, I tried many other food selections from several countries.

Disney was decorated for autumn, but it certainly didn't feel autumnal yet. We were determined to enjoy the day, anyway, and ducked inside at the hottest parts of the day, so we could recharge a little bit to head out again. Oh, Florida, aren't you ready to bring autumn in yet?

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