23 September 2016

Like Yesterday

Sometimes memories waft in with the breeze,
Resting on me as the wind settles.

Sinking into my skin, the story unfolds in me again.

I am sitting with my back straight against the wooden pew,
As my thoughts suddenly drift to the Bible I gave you,
An image in my head is all it takes.
When the pastor reads the holy words, I fondly remember
Your love of learning was insatiable.

When I take long walks outside, amongst trees of old,
There you are in spirit because it was your realm.
I breathe in deeply the fresh air of nature - pine and oak.
You are there, shuffling feet in the leaf-strewn paths, 
Sweet scents of wood woken up by the sun's rays.

It all feels like yesterday.

(Remembering my dad today with a few lines of poetry, as it has been seven years without him on September 25. Loss is something that doesn't ever fully go away. Thinking, remembering, and sharing is good, though, for the life he lived created deep roots that keep growing, through me and the rest of my family. Words are my offering. I forever think of my dad as a deeply rooted tree, strong and sturdy, so much so that we fondly nicknamed him Treebeard long ago...)

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