26 September 2016

Between the Raindrops

Location: Florida Southern College on a rainy early autumn evening

My old college grounds. Of course, I live only a few blocks from my old college campus (the largest site in the world of Frank Lloyd Wright buildings), but every time I step foot on campus, memories swirl around me, and fond feelings of years past sweep back to me. I was such a knowledge-hungry, naive girl back in college, and I feel like when I come back here, I stand upon the bones of those past years. Of wisdom gained and base of knowledge established. Roots takes years to grow deeper to be firmly planted, and in those years wisdom is gained through windy and stormy times.

It is a place mingled with old tradition and new thought, progress, and buildings. Restoring the old to maintain its original beauty while progressing into the future. I love to see my old college as it was and see it continue to grow and thrive.

Walking underneath the low ceilings of the covered esplanades on a rainy evening, the clouds moved in with heavy rain, thunder rumbled overhead, and I was thankful for views of the grounds in a different light. One that most don't photograph. Rainy, stormy nights are frequent around here, and the shelter of these historical buildings (from the 1940s- 1950s) reminded me of how we should value our past and the traditions that hold our present. 

We build new traditions in the midst of the old ones, and I think that is part of moving forward, as we honour that which was before us, as we continue onward. That should be ever-evident in our lives.

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