01 September 2016

Hello, September

Hello, September.

I am really glad you are here. August just seemed to linger on and on, don't you think?
But a lot happened in August that helped me grow, and I don't want to let that slip by. Challenges were set before me and I worked through them. I think I am more aware of my own faults, which will help me show more grace to others when their fault lines show. The wisdom of a month dwells in me.

I am remembering more and more that our lives all have cracks in them - that's how the light gets in.

It has been hot lately. I am hoping you will bring some cooler temperatures, September. Even just a brush of coolness that isn't necessarily tied to a tropical storm. That would be lovely. We are starting off the month in the middle of a tropical storm, Days filled with steady rain and batches of really heavy rain have been our norm. Not being on the coast has kept us from the worst of the weather. It all just creates, in me, the strong desire to stay at home all day reading and drinking tea. I am reading some really good books right now, and would really love the extra time to read.

I am thankful for September. The chance of the change of air. The coming seasons that fill me with excitement. The warm and cosy atmospheres and the autumn scents that linger with spices. It has already started off pretty cosy with the rain falling nonstop, candles burning, and my books sitting next to me that I am about to pick up right now....

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