19 September 2016

Propagating Imaginative Views - 3 of 4

The air is quiet and still. The atmosphere is grey-scale covered in clouds, and time seems distant. Has the sun set, or is it about to rise? Dreamy landscape scenes dot each step around the lake, and docks tucked down at the water's edge reach out into the silvery water, almost as if extending the story for you to follow outward. 

Elvish scenes normally dwell in lovely places of nature mixed in with life, as they live among the trees and the water harmoniously. They sing melancholy songs of old, as they remember it all and have lived for centuries to witness the tales of history. There is a beauty in their remembering, as it is not a pining for what was past to come back, for they are wise and know that time cannot reverse, but it is a remembrance to honour those stories worth preserving and telling. 

As Beren looked into her eyes

Within the shadows of her hair,
The trembling starlight of the skies
He saw there mirrored shimmering.
Tinuviel the elven-fair,
Immortal maiden elven-wise,
About him cast her shadowy hair
And arms like silver glimmering.

Long was the way that fate them bore,
O'er stony mountains cold and grey,
Through halls of iron and darkling door,
And woods of nightshade morrowless.
The Sundering Seas between them lay,
And yet at last they met once more,
And long ago they passed away
In the forest singing sorrowless.
― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings

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