21 February 2017

Blank Pages of a New Day

Wealth there was of her imagining, and nowhere more rich than in the midmost parts of the Earth, where the light of both the Lamps met and blended.
- J.R.R. Tolkien

Blank pages are the world of my imagining - places yet to create and ideas yet to explore. There is great wealth in our imaginations. Tucked away are the grand stories of great heroism set alongside the loveliest, simplest tales of the everyday. Here is where I let the words spill out in ink. 

What are blank pages to you?
A new month?
A new prospect?
A new idea?
A move to a new home?

How about a new day?
Each day we are given twenty-four hours as a gift to be well-lived. The sun rises and the light that God created comes streaming into your home as you wake up and stretch underneath soft sheets. A whole new day to wake up to, and a day full of choices. What is the first thing we choose? Do we choose thankfulness?

I seek to awaken my mind's attention to the mindfulness of each new day. As I wake up before the sun, I get to watch the world awaken as I do from my tiny home in an old neighborhood. A darkness envelopes me as I first wake up. Several minutes later, somehow it comes so swiftly, the light peaks above the horizon and I see the colour rise from my bathroom window. Then, as I pour cereal into my bowl, the light makes its way into my kitchen, kissing my skin with its morning glow. Many times I am writing on my sofa with a mug of coffee as the sun's light begins to illuminate part of my living space, coming in at soft angles edged with glowing borders. 

My writing hand pauses above my page as I look up, and I take a moment to appreciate it. I find myself taking a deeper breathe. I am practicing being in the present. The beauty of a small moment of seeming insignificance. To me, sometimes the most significant things are the quiet, unassuming things. Things that almost go unnoticed. Things that are taken for granted. Things that are not broadcasted just to be noticed, but part of the everyday that you have come to depend on always being there.

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