06 February 2017

Travel Log - Saint Louis

The last week in January I always go to Saint Louis for a corporate event. If I can fit in a little sightseeing, I certainly do.

Highlights of my trip:

St. Louis Public Library - Big, grand, beautiful. It has been recently restored and the glory of it shines forth. You know my heart is drawn to libraries wherever I am. It was cold outside, and we wanted to rest, so we picked a few books off the shelves in the religion section, and read for about an hour. It was one of the most enjoyable hours of the trip.

Pi Pizzeria - A sleek, modern spot for some delicious pizza. Thin crust or deep dish, and all kinds of gourmet selections. I ate here twice within three days, and I wasn't sad about it. In fact, I wish I'd eaten there 3.14 times.

Downtown Architecture - No matter what city I am in, I like to get a taste of its history through the architecture. You can get a sense of the former glory here, with some classical facades detailed with ornate arches and doors. I like seeing the details of the old mixed in with some modern buildings. Pieces of downtown are restored and lovely again, while many are in need of love and care.

Snow Flurries - Twice there were snow flurries for me. I say "for me" because nobody else probably cared, but for this Florida girl who hasn't seen snow in years, the sight of while flakes falling from a grey sky makes me feel like a little child seeing snow for the first time. 

Rooster - Breakfast and coffee each day that made me eager to take a walk along the windy cold streets to get there. It was a .5 mile walk from the hotel, and worth every step. Everything there is local and fresh. I had the smoothest latte and the tastiest homemade granola with yogurt and fresh fruit.

My company gatherings- Of course, the whole reason I was in St. Louis was for my company meeting and awards banquet. The highlight for me is always to have some time to see the people I care so deeply for. I've known many of them for almost four years now, and I love to spend a little bit of time with them, hearing their hearts and their thoughts.

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