01 May 2017

Prayers of Blessing

Faith heaves the world round to the heavenly dawn.
- George MacDonald

O the grace and beauty of a new day!
The soft light glows warmly in tone, mild of heat, and soothing to my soul. Arising from a good sleep is such a blessing. 

I walk into my kitchen with the dawning light and just smile at the gentle waking of the earth. In this moment in time, I get to witness the day break. Why do I deserve to see such beauty? 

The mundane tasks of the day call gently my attention, and I give thanks for the simple things. I turn on my electric kettle and by the power of electricity have boiling water a minute later. I pour it over freshly ground coffee beans and let the french press work its magic. 

Are you thankful for your electricity? I sure am. In the summer I am deeply thankful for the wonderful thing - air conditioning. 

Coffee moments always stir my soul. There is something about sipping a hot beverage to accompany writing in one's journal. I look at the blessing of the day, the evening before, the day ahead. Listening to my surroundings, I give thanks that there are a few neighborhood owls that I hear each morning, hooting to one another. 

I look at what has to be done (what we may deem as chores, tasks) and take care in what I do, but at the same time I try to make it an occasion for prayer. If not then, then when else? Why can't each seemingly mundane task be surrounded in prayer? 

These moments then focus on the blessing and the thankfulness I feel for such gifts. 

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