16 May 2017

See and Pray Wider

As if a shaft
Of bright light lit
Each detail,
So the heft
Of the earth might fit
Into a glance.

- Adomnán

The imagination. 
It can be used in less than ideal ways if we project the negative. Every instant we get a glimpse of something to look at with a positive or negative aspect in our daily lives. Each moment, we make a decision. While much of our culture is so set upon looking at all the bad, I pray and strive to focus and muse upon the hopeful side that uses imagination to see the good. I don't naturally feel the pessimism others feel about things (but I do remain realistic) and if I do feel myself going down that path, I turn to Scripture because my wisdom is limited. I ask myself how should I act? What should I do in this situation? The answers will come through in stories of old. Stories of wisdom that I need to hear. I think of how, in the book of Acts, Paul and the other disciples would shake the dust off their feet and keep going if they were met with challenges and opposition. They didn't let those things bring them down because they knew where their strength and ability came from.God is always the source of all good. We can have the same mindset and heartset centuries later.

Perhaps if we let the light shine into these interior dark spaces we would begin to look at the world with less myopic views. We would see wider, and pray wider. Our imaginations would look wider. For, all the blessings in life are not giant, but most are very small. Many require you to stop to notice, or be quiet. Or be alone.  These are things I embrace and try to focus on. Because if we are thankful in little, we are thankful in much.

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