30 May 2017

Soothing Sands

Oh, give me light to live with open eyes.
Oh, give me life to hope above all skies.
- George MacDonald

I am not a beach girl. I cannot even tell you the last time I swam at the beach or spent time during the bright sun hours. However, I cannot deny the relaxing, soothing sounds and colours of the beach at sunset. Soft pastel colours mix in the sky and the sand reflects these muted tones. The waves break upon the shore with calming repetitive traits like ambient music to help you relax and focus. As the light wanes and the sun sinks below the watery horizon, the sky lights up with myriad colours and tones. If there are clouds, they become painted with light.

Since I live inland, a visit to the shoreline is a bit more special since I don't have the opportunity to see it everyday. My favourite time of year to go to the beach here is during the winter season, when it's not hot, but a sunset in the summer season is sure to bring about a soft-hued sky that will make you grab your camera.

A change of scenery filled with salty breezes, the sound of waves, and some sand between my toes was exactly what I needed this weekend. I am thankful to have the opportunity to see God's creativity alive and active on a regular weekend evening. 

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