05 July 2017

July Notes and Time

Deeper and deeper we go. A new month of summer is upon us. We are halfway through the year. It is a little bit strange to think of how we got halfway through already, but I suppose time is moving the same speed as it always has. It appears to move quicker as you get older. I think because as children, we get so caught up in moments that time seems to freeze. Children have a great way of being in the moment. We adults tend to think ahead to some other moment to be, or a past moment we wish to re-live. We have a difficulty in being immersed in the right now. 

Of course, the way to enjoy and remember moments is to be fully present in the present. This is how your memory stores the feelings, sensory notes, and impressions. That is likely why we have certain memories from very early childhood that stick out so vividly. Memory is certainly an interesting study, as we are purveyors of information, knowledge, and wisdom, but does that impact our memories? We are on a never ending quest for more information so we can sell information. But why is it that many people these days do not use their memory very much? Instead, we rely on computers to remember everything - from dates, appointments, birthdays, calculations, spelling, directions, etc. It is interesting to think about how progression of our memories has been over history. Before the written word, all stories and songs were memorized, and passed down from generation to generation. The tales (that would fill entire books) would be totally committed to memory and recited to each other. That was the norm of human existence. How many of us memorize entire books today?

Once the written word came along and paper was used to make books, the need for someone to memorize waned, as it could be written down instead. This is wonderful for keeping stories and passing them down through time, but our mental capacity lessened and wasn't used as it could be.

Now, with computers, we use and/or challenge our memories less and less. Is that good or bad? What effect will that have on future generations? We tend to have trouble enough remembering all the little normal things in our busy lives. Is that a result of our modern time? 
Just a few thoughts that came to mind as I thought about time flying.

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