30 June 2017

A Place of Joy

Good Morning! A new day is dawning. It might feel like yesterday, with that same moody atmosphere but the sun rises (or the earth turns, to be more accurate) and the blue sky emerges, and already the day is becoming its own shape. Maybe it still feels the same as yesterday, but it is a new day filled with thousands of possibilities. Your door is about to open, you are about to step through, and you get to choose which way to go.

Make it a choice of joy.

These are notes to myself, you know, for, to me, the summer months challenge me as I grow weary of the hot, humid weather. 

But I need to look beyond.

Try to embrace the season by noticing the things to be thankful for. To lift these things up in thankful prayers.

The beautiful dappled light coming through my curtain in the kitchen. My candlesticks with flickering flames. Morning birdsong. The scent of coffee freshly ground. Cosy pajama pants. The crepe myrtle bursting in bloom everywhere. Putting on a favourite top and cardigan. Refreshing afternoon rains. Fresh raspberries. An encouraging word spoken to me. A letter in the mail. Opening a new book. Sitting down with a cup of tea. An unexpected smile from someone.

There are so many, that as I start to focus on those lovely things of the everyday, I forget that the weather might be miserable as I begin to notice something so small like the lovely plants in my yard (especially these autumnal coloured leaves) and feel this deep sense of appreciation. Yes, even amidst the heat.

All the positive thoughts eclipse any frustrating thoughts that may lurk, and I find myself praising God because it is all a gift.
This is how I am making my choices of joy all day.

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