20 June 2017

What is Within You

Lay before God what is within you, not what should be within you.
- C.S. Lewis

Draw me in, Lord, closer to Your wondrous love at the centre. You are there. You are here. The blessings of this life are present in all the good in every single day. Paths are cut for me to follow. Thankfully Your plan doesn't rely on me to create the path, no, You have done that for me. I do not have to have knowledge beyond my own, but I need to trust that You are guiding me to the best place and that You will use me through whatever talents I have to offer.

Help me be present in the everyday, and be filled with Your love, so it comes out in all that I say and do.

I pray that my thinking
always leads to You.

Discerning with every moment,
falsity with what's true.

Allow me to look not just at the window You set before me, but through it so as to see what You have out there beyond myself. In all Your goodness, may I always trust and keep faith in that.

Lord, You have all of me. Sometimes I know not what to pray, but to simply be silent and focused on You is a prayer in itself. I pray for the Spirit to guide me and lift up my own feeble words and thoughts. I have so little to offer, but in You it is enough. I do not need to be somebody important as the world sees it. I just need to be me. Please help me to see my purpose in the everyday, and then nudge me to strive toward it with love in my heart.

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