27 June 2017

Notes of a tale slowly unfolding

Mere draft notes of a tale slowly unfolding...

Many times she awakens with a start, as thoughts demand her attention. She's the writer sort. Always keen to learn about things, so those page-filled evenings toss jumbled in her mind as she sleeps, and on occasion they crash together. Hence, the awakening with a start. Sometimes it is related to the topic of the previous evening. It could be a study of people under a controlling government, or a forest filled with mysteries and elves. The imagination is limitless, as even the sky cannot hold down ideas. Let them toss and be thrown about; this could be the start of the next beauty-filled story, or a grand idea. May the hours that pass in darkness create the opportunity for goodness to form and become realized for the first time. 

For most people drift aimless and almost unconscious of life and the world. If they cannot see the world, how would they ever see the truth hiding in tiny moments, and delights in glimmers, cast swiftly along your daily path?

But no, this writer sort is one who defies that persona. As one who pays attention and appreciates the small nuances that usually go unnoticed. Here is one who sees what lies underneath the landscape covering something. Mystery only intrigues her to pursue and seek out. Don't try to dismiss her timidity. She is observant, taking notes. Some one will probably look at her with a questioning gaze, but she doesn't care. She lives not for the approval of others.

She occupies the threshold of a kingdom invisible. At this specific point in time and in space, only with the faith of the imagination can it be seen. It all is left to imagine, but it will not always be so. And even today there are glimpses of the kingdom. Such a heavenly realm surely spills out of some of its goodness to that dwelling place of future residents. Indeed, the creative spell is upon the land. The grass is evidence. A flower is proof. Every bloom holds a notion of something more beautiful than we can even imagine, but we can try. In each moment of beauty, we can know it was made possible by a love so strong, it has passed through the deepest, fiery depths of hell and came back, alive.

This love that has come back is in everything. Its presence is what makes the spheres circle their star. It drives their pursuit to get closer and closer to the centre. If this love is in everything, it is in you as well. It means that as the planetary spheres seek the centre, so does your soul. The thoughts that wander and the dreams that wonder all seek to take you there to the deeper place of centre. Everything is drawing you to it. 

And she, this writer sort, this dreamer who pens these words wanders deeper into the mysteries because the mysteries of unanswered questions is where bits of the heavenly realm toss a crumb over the threshold. But only if you are dwelling there amidst the mysteries can you see that tiny glimmer of that which is to come.

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