22 June 2017

Crumb -y Thoughts

The name warns you ahead of time. There is no promise of a neat, tidy event. It won't be a pretty scene of perfection. Not with crumb cake. It might look pretty now, but beware. Powered sugar will likely fall on the table cloth. The crumbs will inevitably break off and stray onto the dish, but gather it in with your fork. It is just as tasty. The scent of cinnamon rises and I smile because cinnamon is a favourite spice of mine. Combine that with a tea cake, and you have a delighted gal. 

Every so often a weekend warrants some cake to go with tea. I make a proper brew in a small pot and add cake on a pretty English dish and I am instantly back in England, enjoying a tea break. A normal, daily occurrence it is when I am in England. They just know how to master the tea breaks. Here, it is not quite the norm, but I crave it (that must be the English in me).

When it is part of my day, you will see me at my table with a book propped open as I try to fork a piece of cake as I turn the page. It forces me to slow down and just enjoy some quiet moments, without being distracted by other things.

This late morning tea is so lovely. The light is nearing the zenith and my kitchen is illuminated with natural light. Here in the heat of summer, I keep cool inside. But the moment you step outside, it is a different story. The humidity is thick. With a lot of rain lately it hasn't been scorching, but still it is summer. All that tropical air is settled in. Thankfully, air conditioning keeps me chilled so I can enjoy a pot of tea whilst pretending that it might be a bit nippy outside. The reality is, of course, there are many more months ahead that I will have to keep pretending.

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