08 June 2017

Confessions of a Bibliophile

Not just a bibliophile, as one who collects books, but also a voracious reader who seeks to read all the books possible, because there are so many!

Bookworm? Book lover? Bibliomaniac?

There are probably many words to describe this kind of situation. A situation where I have no more shelf space for books, so there are stacks on the table, and on the TV stand (they kind of block the TV actually, but I never watch it. I am reading instead.). I live in a tiny little home, and if I really run out of space, there is a whole other side of my queen bed that could easily hold some stacks. Just kidding (sort of). Or, I could just forgo my blankets and do this.

If you gave me a week to do nothing but read books I would rejoice, but then at the end of the week I would mourn that the week of reading was over, and I would need more time. because there would be more books to read. There are always more good books to read.

Such is the dilemma of an avid reader. The more I read, the more I find and discover all that I want to read. One book leads to many others. An author might refer to a book or an author that I want to read next. Or while reading, I might be reminded of a book I wish to read, like a classic that this book might have stemmed from. Sometimes things I read in a book will remind me of another book I mentally add to my reading list.

Is this normal? Do other people do this?

Or, I might travel to a place like Oxford, and come back with a suitcase weighing a ton because stacks of books are crammed in every nook. My self-assigned homework assignment is then to read all those books. I gladly jump into it, but other books come along eventually, crossing my path. Before I know it, I am reading 4-5 books at once and there is more beckoning. 

That's how I like it. Books upon books upon books to read.

I bought a tote bag at the Bodleian Library in Oxford this Spring that reads "When I get a little money, I buy books; and if any is left I buy food and clothes." -Erasmus

Now, thankfully, I am blessed with a good job and a steady income, so I am not lacking in money that I ever need to make this decision, however, books would be at the top of my priority list in such a situation.

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