16 February 2016

Tulip Season

He is happiest who hath power to gather wisdom from a flower.
- Mary Howitt

Every year the season comes. Tulips suddenly show up in the grocery store, like a burst of warmth on a blustery and cold day, and I rejoice. They are my favourite flower, and there is a short season in which I get to buy them fresh and enjoy their natural beauty and grace.

Lovely, they are. Tulips are tall and stand upright. If they decide to bend, it is like a graceful ballerina with strong arms and pointed toes. Like ballerinas, tulips are always beautiful no matter what stance they take.

It is their simple beauty I admire. They don't need any adornments. Just the silky petals blooming with a thin stem and leaves that reach up as well, adding to their height.

When tulip season comes, I wish to have them in every room if possible. I want to enjoy the time they are here, for it doesn't last long. And every season has its charms and special gifts we should greet with our attention. Awaken our attention to the Winter-Spring season that we are in now. This time in between. 

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