03 February 2016

Far, Far Better Things Ahead

Place your trust in the Eternal;
rely on Him completely;
never depend upon your own
ideas and inventions.
Give Him credit for everything you accomplish.

 - Proverbs 3.5-6

The rain is softly pattering onto the trees, leaves, grass, and homes. It is not cold out, but it is not hot, either. It is somewhere in between. Stuck. Not clear of a direction yet, as the hours wane. For some reason it is not annoying being stuck in between at the moment, and I am thankful.

How do you foster a thankful heart?
The question came to me in the quiet of the morning raindrops hitting my windows. A question seemingly out of nowhere, but full of the importance of life, and deeper questions.

As I ask this question, I know that it is about where we look. By looking eternally, and knowing that the faith we hold in God and His promises are things we can fully rely on, we know we can never be let down. People will let us down, always. No matter how much they try, or we try, somewhere, sometime, something will be forgotten, ignored, misused, or a mistake made.

We hold onto the trust in God through all things, and we don't let go when some strong winds hit us. No. We hold fast and let God help us maintain a good grip. Sometimes that wind comes rushing at us without warning, and we topple over, losing our ground.

I have known sorrow and hurt. The kind that can tear you in pieces and leave you feeling so dark. But I have hope for all that God pr
omises, and I know what lies ahead is much better than what is now in the past. As C.S. Lewis wrote "There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.”

It is only through Christ that we even have that hope, or can even imagine it. That is the reason we do not have to be afraid, and we can stare down anything with the quiet confidence that comes with placing our trust in God, with
any and all situations.

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