25 February 2016

A Quiet Corner

From a wise heart flow
careful words,
Wise words make the lips
more persuasive.
 - Proverbs 16.23

Release those tense shoulders. You did not even realize they were so weighed down by the burdens of the day, did you? When you relax them, do you see burdens cascading off your shoulders like a waterfall, falling down to your feet?

With your shoulders now at a relaxed place, take a deep breath. Let it out, and slowly fill your lungs deeply again. Your pace is already slowing down, just by slowing down for a deep breath.

Next, find a spot. A quiet corner. A place out of the way. This may be outside your norm, or maybe not. Perhaps you like to be at the centre, but not right now. There will be a time for that. For now, it is about something deeper. When you quiet your soul, and still all those voices in your head, you can truly listen. All the reminders, critiques, to-dos, and complaints can be set aside, for they do no good here.

Here is where you need to be. Your presence is requested. God is there already, and while He does not have to bear the confines of time and waiting, He is waiting for you. Beyond time.

When you still yourself - heart and soul - you open up to a new realm of listening. You can somehow listen with your heart and soul. Suddenly, some stirring may come alongside you, and you know you must allow attention to be given it, and the goodness that can follow is your delight to share.

In this quiet corner where you are fully present, you are not at the centre, and yet you are hearing from God by being open to Him. We tend to think ourselves too busy all the time that we do not long for quiet corners in which to be quiet and still. But while there is time to be busy and engaged in many activities, there is a time to be the exact opposite. You cannot grow into the complete picture of what God wants you to be without filling in the holes. Shading in the picture takes time, patience, wisdom, and the willingness to slow down and receive.

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