29 June 2016

A Tale From Rivendell

In my dreams, this place is a little piece of Middle-earth. This, I have imagined, is where the elves dwell. I always feel a bit of magic when I come to Dry Falls (aptly named because you can walk behind it and stay dry except for drips and mist). My theory was confirmed when my friend, April, said that it looks like I am in Rivendell, the safe haven city of the elves in Lord of the Rings. Perhaps the waterfall gave that feeling, or the lush green environment. 

Both of those, coupled with a wonder-filled imagination makes me see the ancient history that these woods hold.

I have been coming to this waterfall since I was a very little. Since it is just up the mountain from where my grandma lives, it was always a good stop to get some walking and beauty of nature. The roar of the water cascading over the edge and crashing onto the rocks below reminds one of the power of nature. The seemingly gentle stream above the rock suddenly ends and the water has no place to go but down to the bottom of the gorge, and continue on down the mountain.

These paths hold lichen scattered rock, moss-strewn gravel, misty air, and lush greenery. I imagine hidden paths into the rocks behind the waterfall that lead to the elves secret city. This is the entrance to so much more, and I get to walk among the ancient land with eyes wide open, and an imagination dreamily seeking stories of this place.

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