27 June 2016

Travel Log

The Blue Ridge Mountains are calling....

The journey should be enjoyed, right? It's not just about the destination. So, whenever I travel, I look for places to stop along the way. To stretch out my legs, walk, and visit places that have character to spend a little bit of time.

Atlanta is the hot spot, both literally and figuratively. The traffic is always a dilemma, but it doesn't seem quite as bad when you stop somewhere like the famous Mary Mac's Tea Room, which serves the classic southern food. The lines of waiting people was out the door as we left. Just down the street from that restaurant is the Ponce City Market, which is a re-purposed historical brick building made into a shopping and food location definitely worth visiting. It has a mix of shops (like West Elm and Madewell) and a large variety of unique eateries in the central food hall (if you are a foodie, you would love it all).

After another quick stop for some iced coffee at Condesa Coffee (the temperature was 104 F at that point) I headed to the roads that lead up to the North Carolina mountains. A drive up the mountain and the search for the correct house leads to the moment of thankfulness as I safely arrive in front of the house where we will be staying. Deep in the woods, surrounds by tall trees, above 4,200 feet, we are here in our tree house.

The drive takes its toll when I wake before 6:30 am and drive from Florida to North Carolina in one day. The heat drains me. The evening grows deeper and to bed we all go. For the morning will soon arrive, and all the beauty of the mountain scenes that feel so familiar, and yet always have the air of a first time meeting.

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