13 June 2016

Prayer : a study

I have been collecting ideas and thoughts regarding prayer, as it is always a spiritual discipline in which I can give myself a satisfactory grade, but rarely a good grade. As a work in progress, I am always seeking thoughts and reminders of deeper ways to engage the good habits I might already have, while adding particular practices that I fall short in. 

In an attempt to improve the depth as well as the frequency of my prayers, I thought I would share some notes on insights and reminders I have heard, read, or learned recently, that I hope to come to know and meditate on, or already have begun to. 

It's not always the act of prayer that is difficult, for me, it is the focus. I want to pray about something particular, and as I do, my mind begins to wander somewhere else. Then something distracts me. Does that happen to you? Is it a curse of the modern minds we possess that are always distracted? I do think so. Writing and reading doesn't cause me as much trouble. So, I try to say more "little" prayers throughout the day, whenever I think of anything that needs prayer. It's the devoted time of prayer that I really need to improve upon. It is a spiritual discipline I bet we all need to work on.

 - Go to church, or chapel, sit in silence and tune into the space and time.

- Prayer is opening your hands and staying open to the graces God will set there.

- There are different ways in which we can absorb truth, and it requires a poetic mindset, not literalistic.

- To focus on joy even when the darkness of despair is lingering.

- Move towards God.

- Our cry out to God is our deepest acknowledgement that we are not home.

- Never surrender a good question to a mere answer.

- To be honest is of central importance.

- Something good is coming, in joy ,and in a completely surprising and unexpected way.

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