28 July 2016

Mystery upon Mystery

It is the sacred stubbornness of things, their mystery and their suggestive limits, their shape and special character, which makes all artistic thrift and thought. The adventure is not an all-transforming enchantment, it is rather the answering of a challenge; and one in which we have hardly the choice of weapons. 
 - G.K. Chesterton

The mystery of the mystery of God is deeply appealing to me. I wonder why that is.....it is a mystery itself!

I suspect it entails upon me the notion of an eternal perspective that I can catch glimpses of, because God made me for eternity, but due to my current state of being in time, I cannot see the whole. This gives me hope as tiny pieces are revealed to me over time through creative and imaginative outlets, as well as with seeing truth and beauty with people or out in nature, and I know there is so much more, and it is so much better than what I get to glimpse. And that renews my hope and peace.

Most people like to know all the answers right up front. They want to know how the story ends, and be told how it works and what it means. I have always preferred to do a little of the discovery first. I do not mind not getting all the answers right away, as I know they will be revealed at the proper time and it will be worth the wait. In the meantime, I can search, wonder, seek, ponder. This is not an excuse to be idle and complacent, but rather to stay motivated through the answers that may seem distant.

C.S. Lewis ponders many mysteries in his book Letters to Malcolm: Chiefly on Prayer. He is writing letters to a friend about prayer, his practices, his wonderings, and all of questions that conjure up many mysteries. It is hard for most people to wait patiently, since our world tells us that we should get an answer now, and patience is little seen as a virtue anymore. Going out and stepping on others to get it is viewed more highly these days.

I would rather ignore the call of the world, and dive into God's mystery. Thankfully, Chesterton agrees with me.

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