23 August 2016

August Snapshots

I've had some adventures, challenges, and joys this month, and I haven't posted about many of them, so to sum up some things, I thought a photo collection of iPhone shots might help bring us out of summer and into an autumn mindset. This is all dreaming, to me, as I patiently wait for the heat to depart. I will have to keep waiting, I know.

- This month, I made a baby blanket for my new nephew Benson David, who was born on August 18. 

- I got to drink a Coca Cola from a bottle with my name on it! Such a rare treat for me, because my name is so different (thanks to April's mom for the bottle!). 

- The stormy weather is the norm for this time of year, but it always seems more intense when the clouds hover right over you with their menacing darkness. I welcome the rain storms, as it cools the air. I am not one who seeks the sunshine.

- My neighborhood post office is getting a much needed face lift! It is about two blocks away from me, so I get to see the nice facade every day now. Looking good Dixieland!

- The lake offers the loveliest evening walks around here. As the sun sets, the colours of the sky unfold and the lake glistens. God draws His paintbrush across the sky in soft strokes.

- I got to enjoy tulips in the deep heart of summer, which is a lovely surprise, and has never happened before. 

- Even though it still feels like 100-105 degrees out there, I cannot help but make tea each night. And any visitor to my home will be offered some tea as well.

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