16 August 2016

Summer Tulips

Let us today, while it is called to-day, 
Set out, if utmost speed may
yet avail - 
- Christina Rossetti

Tulips in the summertime is as rare as snow in our winters. It just doesn't ever happen.

Summertime can throw the unexpected at me. In the form of twists of delight, on rare occasions. But the unexpected has its own delight, so when it comes along, there is a little celebration in my head - full of thanks for the small things that cause me to appreciate that which is before me.

Like tulips in summer. They are adorning my coffee table now, and it is sheer delight I get to enjoy their graceful beauty in the depths of summer. I have never had tulips apart from January- February because tulips thrive in the colder, pre-spring temperatures: days I dream about now. So, you can imagine how pleasantly surprised I was to see these blooms at Trader Joe's and had to take the five stems home with me.

I am so glad I brought them home because they are a reminder, albeit a little one, that even in the off season, we might catch a glimpse of the beauty and goodness of what is to come. How can we refuse to see that as God's graciousness and gentle attention to that which we notice, and care about? Even when, in the midst of oppressive heat, there are signs that it will not always be so. Reprieve and change of good is coming.

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