22 August 2016

Special Little Nephew

Our lives are seen more vividly when a new little life enters in. A baby born reminds us of how we all began in this world - the same small, helpless, dependent human who God loves. It's an amazing thing to behold - that God saw and knew my nephew, Benson David, before he took his first breath a few days ago. A gift, he is, from God. A new life in our world, with a soul already set-up for eternity. Even before Benson could be seen. God saw him.

Isn't it amazing that God's love is so deep that it reaches into the womb and creates a beautiful soul that He loves as much as you and I? Before baby Benson even knows his parents, he was known and loved by God. More deeply than we can even comprehend.

It is a beautiful mystery of God, and to glimpse it come to fruition is a joy. A new nephew in my life will add smiles and love. I have one niece, and now one nephew. I get to teach them, cherish time with them, and watch them grow into little people. I am so happy to show them love and teach them the importance of their story in the world, through the delightful imaginative discoveries. 

I got to go to Gainesville to visit Benson this weekend on a quick trip. Being three days old is pretty tough work, and he slept most of the time. I was thankful to get some baby snuggles. You cannot help but smile at that.

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