08 August 2016

Summery Notes

I’ll tell you how the sun rose,—
A ribbon at a time.

- Emily Dickinson

These deep summer days are drenched in humidity and bright light from the glaring sun. Any time clouds come to hover over us, I breathe a thanksgiving prayer in my head.

How are you getting on through these hot summer days?
Smoothies and cold brew coffee for me.

I bought a small blender and have been making homemade smoothies. I think I have figured out some delicious combinations of frozen fruit and a little bit of juice. Currently, my favourite mix is frozen mango, frozen pineapple, peach mango orange juice, and a banana. The blender does all the work, and I do all the enjoying.

My grocery store sells cold brew coffee in glass bottles now, so I have one as an extra treat each week. If I need something quick in the morning, and don't have time for my french press, I just mix some cold brew with soy or almond milk in a pretty glass and can wake up my brain for the day.

I am trying to thrive in these hot days. My car's a/c is broken (and it will cost a lot to fix it), so driving anywhere raises the question in me "is this worth feeling hot and distraught to drive to this place?" Hence, I am staying at home a lot these past several days. When it starts to rain, I rejoice in the cooler air that comes with the rain. My thoughts can quickly turn to autumn when there is the chance of cooler air behind the rain, but I try not to dream too much yet, for autumn is slow to arrive to the deep south, where the tropics reign (and rain).

Until the season of autumn draws closer, I shall try to just enjoy these summer storms, afternoons of drizzly rain, reading in my home, drinking smoothies, knowing that a change will come. 

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