20 November 2015

Beautiful Places

My city has some beautiful places, and the longer I live here, the more that come along. I love that.
It has taken awhile for me to grow fond of this city. I will admit. But the more I get to know this place and the people in this place, the more attached to it I become.

Here are a few glimpses of just a couple of beautiful spots downtown. These are places I will gladly hang out for hours, especially when the weather is particularly pleasant.

The Poor Porker opened up their shop, living room, hip patio, hangout spot downtown. Here you can see creative artistic hand-made created space by the coolest locals. My friend, Elizabeth, made some big creative and artistic contributions to the space. You can get a beignet and iced coffee. You can hang out for a while. There is also a food and drink bar, mini garden, and a shop.

Lake Mirror and Hollis Gardens are just lovely, and are a short walk from The Poor Porker. On a cool day this is the most pleasant place to be - outside among the lovely plants, flowers, and the lake. You can do some contemplative thinking in the garden, where the classical music plays. The trees rustle in the cool breeze. The leaves that have fallen look like they've fallen from the north.

Have you visited these spaces, yet? Add them to your weekend list of fun activities.

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