24 November 2015

Tiny Home

Our lives are full of good things. Blessings rain down upon us, not because we deserve them, but because our God is good, and all good things are from Him.

The fact that we have homes to live in, that I have a place to call my home is indeed a gift from the Father of Lights.

Sometimes we don't think of a circumstance that offers challenges as a good thing, but I do. I have the tiniest home, with the hindrance of barely any storage space. My kitchen table isn't just where I eat, but also a desk for working on my laptop. I have to be creative when it comes to decorations and placement of items. Yet despite the challenges and the restrictions I have in this tiny home, I aim at cosiness, and I feel cosy here. Living here, in this miniature home, I have come to appreciate the most simple of things and using those as the accompaniments to a cosy environment. Fresh cut flowers, mismatched china and mugs stacked up, a bright kitchen, simple meals on a gas stove.

Living here, I don't have room to keep excess. So, I don't buy excess food or items to tuck away. There is no place to tuck them away into. This has caused me to be more thoughtful in my purchases, which is a good thing. However, for the things I love to collect (books, mugs, dishes) it is a challenge. When you only have one shelf for mugs, they get to be quite cosy with one another. Same with books. Even with multiple shelves, they spill over to stacks on my piano or under my coffee table. And every once in a while, I go through some sorting and actually donate some of the excess I realize I can part with. 

But more important than the space for items, this tiny home has plenty of room for many good sorts of experiences. Especially good conversations. I can have family and friends over and I can always serve tea or coffee. I don't have to have a big place to welcome people. As Thanksgiving is just a day away, I think about spending time with those I love to spend time with, and I am always happy to invite others over. If you come over, just be prepared for a cup of steaming tea in a light-soaked cosy little spot. And don't be surprised if I need to move a few books out of the way.

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