01 December 2015

Song of Thankfulness

The name of the True God will be my song, an uplifting tune of praise and thanksgiving!
- Psalm 69.30

We toil and rush through all our days and rarely take time to dwell in some beautiful moments. When life moves so fast, the weeks fly by, and the time is easily spent. But not always enjoyed. Part of what I love at Thanksgiving is the requirement of me to slow down a bit. Don't get me wrong, Thanksgiving is exhausting. It is several days of family/friends, hours of games, late nights, and full social times that take all my energy. But I would not wish to transfer that out. These are the few days that I dwell in the social aspect of seeing those people I but rarely get to see. Sometimes just once a year. A group of people I have known most of my life. It is an interesting thing to come back each year to see what has changed, and what is just the same.

These days of thankfulness sing in my mind as songs of praise to God in thanksgiving. For the days that force me to step away and enjoy the beauty of my hometown and the warmth of my family and friends. This is not a given assumption, but a gift from above. It is God's gift that we are able to look a little deeper into things and people. Filled with songs of thankfulness.

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