30 December 2015

In Anticipation of.....

Places to stop and reflect.

Today would be a particularly perfect day to be overcast, grey, and rainy except that it is the exact opposite. Sunny and hot.
Is this winter?

Odd as it seems, it is the strangeness that we live in, and I ponder at it. As I muse on it, I remember that there are other places in the world that aren't so hot. I long to go there. I long to walk the cobbled streets and breathe in the crisp air. A place with weather and overcast skies. A place chilled and yet moving and buzzing with life along the streets. A peppering of people chatting on street corners and their boots clicking on the sidewalks.

Where the people get chilled, they are found ducking into cafes to get cups of soup for lunch. There are places where I stop in a coffee shop to sit at a solitary table, warming up with a cup of coffee and the written word.

A grey sky and busy street rests outside the window, and viewing it from said solitary table is a way to be a part of it, but be still and quiet for a little while, before wrapping up and dashing back out onto the street. 

Since I always carry a book and my journal in my bag, I can stop in a coffee shop or tea room on a whim, and pick a spot to linger with a hot drink and words to dwell in. The background noise is soothing and the chatter and clang of coffee cups helps my focus as I write. Somehow, it is not a cacophony, but a melody of the daily sounds of life. Busy and slow -- a mixture of two speeds.

I am in anticipation of when I get to do this again.

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