03 December 2015

Around Cheer

What is written now is not only influenced by what has been written in the past but in itself modifies the way we read the poetry of the past. It shines new lights upon it and makes new connections.
- Malcolm Guite

Our year is a cycle. Round and round we go, each year coming to the same holiday. The same remembrances. The same stories. Do you tune out the story when you hear it again?

Perhaps we are meant to revisit these same reminders year after year because we need those reminders. Deep within our souls, we need to be reminded of what we are truly made for. Not this world and all the material and cultural desires. But far better things than we can even imagine.

We need to remember that the love of God comes down to earth on Christmas in the form of a baby. One who saves us from our sins. One who washes us clean.

Each year when we hear the story again or read it again, we should look upon it with fresh eyes, as if seeing it for the first time. Reflect how the last year has changed your heart, and how God's gift to us can impact you differently now.

This year, be reminded that there is a reason we have calendar years that repeat. Our memories can be short, and we need that reminder each year. To bring us back to a place of light, wonder, delight, love, and giving. Recognizing that all of that and all we know as good is only possible because of God. He is the Father of Lights.

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