16 November 2015

Unhindered Thoughts

The coloured glass filling space and scene
Into the heart sensing feelings serene
A depth of place unhindered thoughts may go
Unopened hearts stay, but the willing shall grow

Lean not on your own understanding, for your own understanding waxes and wanes with time and circumstance. But God's mystery and understanding surpasses all knowledge and can reach far beyond what we know and see in our present moment.

Trust in the Holy One. He is far greater than any of our troubles. He can hold everything in His hand, command the mountains to move and oceans to drain. He is Almighty.

What we see here is fleeting. This reality is stuck, attached to time, and we can only move forward. Closer to the plan is our Lord, with everything in order to end this earth, and everything will be made new and perfected.

For now, we struggle in the present time. But how can we all, living and breathing right now together at this time in history, not give thanks to our Lord? How can we not praise Him for all that we have? And how can we not see that all of this matters?

Beyond the scope of what we see, the tiny pieces of what we create here matters to the next world. All of what we work on here will be perfected one day. We will see it whole and pure, as it was meant to be. Just as we will be made whole and pure, as we were meant to be.

We will wake up from a deep sleep to the world so familiar, with details more real and deeper than we could imagine. Droplets of dew on perfect blades of grass reflecting a brilliance we have never known. It will be new and fresh, and yet it will be known to us because we have known the old world and loved the beauty in it already.

God knows this. In His creative creation making, He knew that we would love the trees and flowers. He knew that we would feel a sense of freedom and joy when we look up at the night sky. He knew how much it would all mean to us, which is why New Creation will be so familiar to us. The elements combined to all that we love and cherish will not be lost. But it will be found, and made perfect. 

The hands of our Maker, always at work, always showing displays of what is to come through glimpses of what we may be able to see here, if we pay close attention.

When God made space and worlds that move in space, and clothed our world with air, and gave us such eyes and such imagination as those we have, He knew what the sky would mean to us. And since nothing in His work is accidental, if He knew, He intended.
- C.S. Lewis

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