18 November 2015

Words You Need

Never lose sight of God's wisdom
and knowledge:
make decisions out of true wisdom,
guard your good sense,
and they will be life to your soul,
and fine jewelry around your neck.
Then each one of your steps will land
securely on your life's journey,
and you will not trip or fall.
Your mind will be clear, free from fear;
when you lie down to rest, you will be
refreshed by sweet sleep.
Stay calm, there is no need to be afraid of a
sudden disaster
or to worry when calamity strikes the
for the Eternal is always there to protect you.
He will safeguard your each and every step.

- Proverbs 3.21-26

The soft morning light edges around my little home and I sit in meditation with these words that I know I need. In the quiet stillness, I feel refreshed in the reminders of what should be. In my heart I know these things, but they somehow become so voluted in the day, whether by my own devices or by things the world and our culture tries to steep into me. But these are the words I want to soak in, instead.

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