18 January 2016

Evening Tea Ritual

You can't get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me.
- C.S. Lewis

My evening tea ritual has become such a staple to my every day. I love how it has become something I invite others over to enjoy with me, as well. There is something I can provide easily: tea. To think that such a small gesture of warmth and welcome is so simple and enjoyable, it is no wonder why tea has always been an important part of hospitality in so many cultures.

That is part of the charm, too. A long history it has, and always given and shared with a sense of welcome to visitors. I do not allow anyone to come over without offering them tea.

Pouring a steaming cup of tea means steeping times which leads to conversation. When there is something pleasant on the horizon, the conversation falls to deeper places. Here, let me pour you some more tea. Filling an empty teacup and handing it to a companion is a delightful exchange of welcome. It is saying to the other, here, take this hot tea with some thoughts flowing through your mind, you are welcome to share. Time is paused.

Occasionally someone does not like tea that much, but I have been amazed how they end up liking it, because when made properly, the best flavours come out. Plus, it is always more fun to drink out of darling teacups or pretty mugs. It is so much fun to serve others, and see them enjoy the tea I make. When I am alone at home, I make a pot for myself, accompanied by a book, of course. 

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